Drug Rehab Treatment Programs in Lancaster, PA

Entering into a drug rehab in Lancaster could be the first step on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Drug rehab programs are designed to teach recovering people strong new coping skills and mechanisms for living a healthy, productive lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol.

It's common for many people to believe that seeking treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab center could mean changing everything about who they are. In reality, therapy and counseling only work to uncover the hidden psychological reasons that trigger addictive behaviors.

Drug rehab programs then work to teach the person to avoid high-risk situations and people associated with substance use. Therapy helps each person develop their own individual relapse prevention strategy to help reduce the risk of returning to former patterns of abuse. The recovering person also learns healthy new ways for coping with life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What is a Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab programs are designed to address both the physical and psychological aspects of addictive drug or alcohol use. A drug and alcohol rehab center provides a safe, substance-free environment in which the recovering person has the opportunity to focus solely on the recovery process. Programs implemented within a drug and alcohol rehab center are highly structured.

While the person is in drug rehab in Lancaster, they are effectively removed from people, places or situations associated as being triggers for addictive behavior. Each day, recovering people are expected to attend individual counseling sessions, behavioral therapy sessions, and group support meetings.

As each day is pre-scheduled and planned, the person has the opportunity to remain focused on the recovery process. Therapy and counseling sessions work to identify the person's underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors and then work to develop strong relapse prevention strategies designed to help the person remain clean and sober over the long term.

Drug Rehab Treatment Options

There are two primary treatment options for drug rehab in Lancaster: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient drug rehab in Lancaster requires the person to reside on the premises for the duration of treatment. Seeking advisory support from Lancaster Drug Treatment Centers is the right move to make when making this type of decision.

The programs used in inpatient treatment facilities are intended to begin teaching the person to live each day using healthy, productive methods of dealing with stress and addiction triggers using natural options and newly-learned strategies for staying sober. The person has the advantage of being in a safe environment, away from usual triggers or situations associated with substance abuse.

By comparison, outpatient programs don't require the person to live on-site during treatment. The person is allowed to attend work or return home after treatment sessions are completed for the day.

While outpatient rehab programs might seem to offer more freedom, there is still a significant time commitment required. The person still needs to check in each day to attend counseling sessions or group meetings or to receive prescription medications.

In some cases, people who have graduated from a comprehensive inpatient treatment program may not yet be ready to return to independent living. They may still require the reassurance and continuity provided by structured appointments and therapy sessions, so they may step down from inpatient programs to an outpatient treatment plan for a period of time.

Who Needs to Enter a Drug Rehab?

Anyone struggling to regain control over a drug or alcohol addiction should seek professional treatment from a drug rehab in Lancaster. It's common for many people caught in the grip of addiction to believe they still have some level of control over their usage and they could quit if they really wanted to. They simply delude themselves into thinking they don't want to.

Likewise, well-meaning friends and family members believe the addicted person simply needs to exert a bit of willpower and stop using. What they don't realize is that a person who goes through the detox process at home only manages to rid the effects of the drug or alcohol from the body. Drug detox in Lancaster on its own does nothing to address the psychological triggers behind the self-destructive behaviors and attitudes associated with addictive behavior.

In order to make a successful recovery from addiction and learn healthy new coping skills and sobriety mechanisms for living life without the need for drugs or alcohol, a person caught in a cycle of addictive behavior needs specialized treatment in a center for drug rehab in Lancaster. Call Lancaster Alcohol Treatment for help at (717) 230-1265.

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